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Medium Mix Breed

2 Years

Dog Friendly? Yes with slow introductions

Cat Friendly? No

Child Friendly? Yes

Adam was found on one of the illegal dumps in Macedonia in 2023 and is ready for a home of his own. He is absolutely beautiful and so handsome, with speckled white fur and charming, light brown “eyebrows” that make him very expressive.

The rescue team spent a long while gaining his trust, luckily he was easily bought with food. Sadly he was in awful condition when we first met him – skinny and full of wounds and sores. After being treated by our talented vets he has come leaps and bounds. He is just shy of his 2nd birthday and, as such, is a very lively boy.

One of the things we love about Adam is that he is fantastic with children, we would happily rehome him with children over “knock down” age, due to his size and energy he could knock over anyone smaller. He is neutral with other dogs while walking and walks very well but will need training to make sure he keeps up this good behaviour. He could live with another dog but would need to be introduced slowly, he generally prefers female dogs (little ladies man). He is very food motivated and makes a very trainable dog who could learn just about anything with consistency and routine. We would not rehome him with cats or small animals. He would make a fantastic companion for an active family with a large garden to roll around in.

He has tested negative for brucellosis, leishmaniasis and has passed his Snap 4D test which tests for heartworm, ehrlichia and anaplasma. A happy, healthy, handsome lad