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Frankie (Photos/videos can be found below)


Spaniel Collie Mix

Age: 10 Years

Dog Friendly? Only Dog in Home

Cat Friendly? No

Child Friendly? Likes Children

Neutered? Yes

Frankie, a true beauty queen, is turning heads and stealing hearts. With a distinctive white stripe on her forehead, fluffy coat, and charmingly freckled legs. She is simply breath-taking. It’s hard to imagine that she just celebrated her 10th birthday, given her youthful charm! She could easily pass for half that.

Frankie is exceptionally friendly and behaves very well with everyone she encounters. She was surrendered to us due to a family breakdown, and it’s unfortunate that she had to leave her family for reasons beyond her control. She has lived with young children in her previous home so we would re-home her with children of any age. Ideally, Frankie should be the sole animal in the home since she can be a little uneasy around other dogs. We have begun training with the end goal of social neutrality. So far she is doing exceptionally well and is happy to walk with other dogs around and is learning to ignore them. Unfortunately, she is not fond of cats so we would not rehome her with them.

Her ideal home would be with someone who has experience with Spaniels, Collies, or other working breeds, as she possesses that distinct Collie drive. She’s bound to flourish in an environment that offers mental stimulation through puzzle toys and interactive games. She can have strong pull on the lead, but we’re making great progress with training. It’s crucial that her future family continues this training to ensure she remains well-mannered and doesn’t accidentally knock anyone over! She would love a home with an enclosed garden so that she can soak up the sun in the warmer months.

Recently, Frankie has found out that one of her toys can slide under the door of her kennel. We’re not certain if she’s trying to play or set a trap for us, but we captured it on camera to showcase her mischief. Despite being offered a variety of toys, she favours her rubber tyre or an old football. She’s an enthusiastic football player, adores playing fetch, and is an excellent catcher!

We have fallen in love with her at the kennels, she is such a genuinely lovely girl. She settles well in the evening and loves to curl up in bed with her rubber tyre or a crunchy buffalo horn to keep her occupied till bedtime. We are so surprised that she has not been adopted yet, she really is a fantastic dog and would make a great addition to just about any home.

Frankie has been microchipped and spayed, we have full vets records provided by her previous owners. She is very healthy and no-one can believe that she is in double digits, but as they say, you should never ask a lady her age!