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Small Terrier Mix

Age: 6 Years

Dog Friendly? Yes

Cat Friendly? Yes

Child Friendly? Children over 13

Neutered? Yes

Gandalf is an attractive long-haired terrier seeking a forever home due to his previous family’s change in circumstances. He’s a stunning dog with lengthy, floppy ears and a wavy white fur coat that feels wonderfully soft when groomed. His ears and tail feature a contrasting dark brown/black colour, giving him a unique look.

When Gandalf was discovered, he was in such a state that he hardly looked like an animal, his fur matted with dirt and waste. The poor thing was in a pitiful condition. The first order of business was a vet check-up, followed by a trip to the groomer to liberate him from his tangled confines. Beneath it all, we found a delightful little dog, ready to be loved.

He was swiftly adopted by a family in Macedonia who cherished him deeply. Sadly, his owner has passed away, so Gandalf is coming back to us through no fault of his own. We are hopeful that finding a home in the UK will offer him a pleasant change of scenery.

Gandalf is great with other dogs and would love to be part of a family that already has pets, but he’s also content being the sole dog to soak up all the attention. His calm nature makes him a perfect match for a household with cats. It’s best if any kids in the home are over 13 and have some experience with dogs. It’s important for him to follow a regular grooming schedule, as his long fur could become tangled without consistent brushing, he does enjoy a pamper so this could either be done at home or with a professional groomer.

He walks very well on the lead and is happy to stroll along beside his walker, occasionally stopping for a sniff. A home with an enclosed garden would be lovely so that he can toddle about and sit in the sunshine, this isn’t a strict necessity though as he was previously living in an apartment. Gandalf absolutely loves his bed and settles well in the evenings, especially with a chew toy or long lasting treat to keep himself entertained until bedtime.

Gandalf is a fantastic candidate for adoption, his gentle yet playful nature means that he would fit right in with most homes. He is a special little boy and we sincerely hope that his dream home fills in an application soon.

Fully vaccinated for Rabies and Infections Diseases

4D tested for Brucellosis and tick borne diseases