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Location: Romania

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Medium Mix Breed

Age: 3 Years

Dog Friendly? Yes

Cat Friendly? Yes

Child Friendly? Yes

Neutered? Yes

Gwen is truly a gem. She’s in search of a home where she can make up for the love she’s missed. With the sweetest face, soulful brown eyes, and an endearing white muzzle, her fur is a delightful black and white pattern. This includes tiny white ‘socks’ on each paw and a cute set of fluffy ‘pantaloons’ on her hind legs.

Rescued from a kill shelter in Romania, Gwen’s affectionate disposition and sweet temperament have truly been her saving grace. She’s a delightful little angel who thrives on attention and adores getting belly rubs. It’s likely that she once had a home, before the dog catcher took her and left her at the shelter.

She easily adapts to wearing a collar and lead but will require some guidance to master proper walking. Fortunately, Gwen is intelligent and responsive to treats, which should make additional training straightforward. She may take some time to adjust to a domestic setting, but establishing a routine will help her flourish. Gwen is sociable with other dogs, though somewhat submissive, so bolstering her confidence will be beneficial. She is open to living with another dog, yet she would be equally content being the sole focus of affection.

Gwen’s easygoing nature makes her an ideal candidate for adoption. She’s relaxed, adaptable, and always open to affection from people. Her gentle demeanor means she gets along well with both cats and children. As shown in her video, she’s a fan of belly rubs and doesn’t mind being around cats, so she’d fit right in with a family that has feline members. While she may not have extensive experience with children, her calm personality suggests she would do well in a home with kids, especially if they’re used to dogs.

Gwen would be delighted with a home that has an enclosed garden where she can bask in the summer sunshine. As she isn’t a large dog, she doesn’t require much space—a cosy corner on the sofa, a dog bed in the living room, and a crate in a tranquil spot away from any commotion would be ideal for her.

Tested as normal for Brucella, Giardia and the 4DX test for tick borne diseases and passed with flying colours. Gwen is microchipped and spayed