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Han Solo (Photos/videos can be found below)


Small/Medium Mix Breed

Age: 7 Months (as of April 2024)

Dog Friendly? Yes

Cat Friendly? Yes

Child Friendly? Likes Children

Neutered? No

Meet Han Solo, he is the tiny white fluff ball we picked up from the dump late last year. He was rescued by our kennel manager Jade and she refused to leave him behind. He’s transformed from a tiny, scruffy white pup, no bigger than a rabbit, into a charming small-to-medium-sized dog with soft floppy ears, soulful dark eyes, and a delightful curly tail.

Han Solo is an energetic pup whose excitement is typical for his young age. However, he has adjusted well during his stay with us, becoming much more serene. He is currently in a foster home with one of our trustees and four other dogs, where he gets along wonderfully with everyone. He has displayed no negative behaviours and is flourishing in the home environment. His foster parent has only praise to share about him.

He has been tested with cats and shows no issues with them. Han Solo could coexist with other dogs. Ideally, we’d like to see him with a canine companion for play and company during the day if his owner is away at work. He is comfortable in his crate at night and responds well to training. Han Solo is highly intelligent and with some effort, will excel in obedience. He would be a wonderful addition to almost any household.

Consistency and training are key for him to mature into a well-socialized dog. His adopters will receive our full support in this journey. He has started his lead training and enjoys outings in the area, delighting passers-by with his cuteness!

Han Solo is not neutered yet due to his age. If he is still entire upon adoption then part of his contract will include neutering when he is of age.

Fully vaccinated for Rabies and Infections Diseases
4D tested for Brucellosis and tick borne diseases