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Miss Blue

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Age: 2 Years

Dog Friendly? Yes

Cat Friendly? Not Tested

Child Friendly? Yes

Neutered? Yes

Miss Blue, a stunningly beautiful Beagle, seeks a home that can offer her the same abundant love she provides. True to her breed, she embodies the traits we cherish: loyalty, affection, and a sociable disposition.

She interacts wonderfully with dogs and enjoys playing, so we would be pleased to rehome her with another canine companion. However, she would also thrive as the only pet, provided she receives ample attention from her owner. Miss Blue is gentle with children and would fit well in a home with kids of any age. While she hasn’t been tested with cats yet, we are willing to conduct such a test for an appropriate application.

Miss Blue is an active lady who would love an enclosed garden to potter about in, daily walks would be a great way for her to get her steps in while being able to socialise with people and other dogs outside the home. She likes the lapdog life so a comfy space on the sofa as well as a cosy bed would be greatly appreciated.

Miss Blue was on the verge of adoption, but it was discovered that she has only one kidney. Regrettably, this deterred her potential adopters, so she remains in our care. She has undergone thorough veterinary examinations and is functioning very well with her single kidney. She will receive renal tablets and special food to ensure she lives her life to the fullest. These minor dietary adjustments will enable her to lead a long and joyful life with her permanent family. Just as many people manage well with daily medication, the same principle should apply to dogs. It is a shame that this has prevented her from being adopted but we hope that this is just a small bump in the road and that she finds her forever home soon.

Fully vaccinated for Rabies and Infections Diseases
4D tested for Brucellosis and tick borne diseases
Microchipped and Spayed