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Age: 2.5 Years

Dog Friendly? Only Dog in Home

Cat Friendly? No

Child Friendly? Older Teenagers

Neutered? Yes

Ozzie is a stunning rottweiler who is seeking a home with an owner who can appreciate him for the lovely character he is. He is absolutely gorgeous, with a typical handsome “rottie face” that we have all fallen in love with. Ozzie is in excellent condition and very healthy; he’s a high-energy dog with a strong desire to please, making him a great fit for a lot of home environments.

True to his breed, he embodies a relentless work ethic and unwavering loyalty to his family. His time with our residential trainers was well-spent, resulting in excellent training. He’s mastered the basic commands and shows impressive recall during off-leash exercises in our secure field. On the lead, he walks beautifully and is always keen to please. He exhibits no problems with wildlife and will contentedly stroll by the resident peacocks and other dogs without so much as a glance. We wouldn’t recommend that he be allowed off lead with other dogs but he would love a good run about on a long-line lead. Ozzie has never shared space with cats before so we would not recommend that he be rehomed with any, just in case.

Ozzie’s large size and boundless energy can be overwhelming for other dogs in a household. He’s a hefty boy who loves to play rough, using his size to his advantage. Therefore, we believe he would thrive best as the sole dog in a home where he can enjoy all the attention without competition. He absolutely loves human attention and is happy to get fuss and cuddles from anyone who offers.

Ozzie’s perfect home would be with an energetic family; a household without young children is ideal, though he’s okay with teenagers. He needs a spacious garden for his playtime, rolling around, and enjoying games of fetch. He’s also quite fond of his chew toys. Being a large dog, Ozzie has a hearty appetite and is thriving on a raw food diet which we would like to see his future owner maintain.

Ozzie narrowly escaped being put down before being surrendered to us. His former owner wasn’t the right fit for a dog of his kind and was unwilling to work with him, but we’re glad to have him. Although it would be beneficial for his new owner to have experience with larger breeds, it’s not a necessity due to Ozzie’s gentle demeanour, high intelligence, and thorough training. He can be a bit high energy at times but we believe that once he adjusts to a steady routine he will mellow out.

We have a full vet record supplied by Ozzie’s previous owner, he is a very healthy boy.

Microchipped and Neutered.