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Location: Romania

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Medium Mix Breed

Age: 2 Years

Dog Friendly? Yes.

Cat Friendly? Yes

Child Friendly? Yes

Neutered? Yes

Lovely Peggy, a beautiful medium-sized mixed breed, is in search of a home that can provide the love she has greatly missed. She flaunts beautiful soft black and brown fur, complemented by endearing white ‘ankle socks’ on her feet. A distinctive white patch on her chest adds the finishing touch to her appearance.

Peggy is an exceptionally affectionate dog who constantly seeks human attention and enjoys cuddling. She is wonderful with children, displaying an instinctive gentleness. Her sociability extends to other dogs as well, and she would happily live with another canine in a forever home. Peggy is also cat friendly, preferring the affection of her human companions. She would be perfect for a cat owner, as she is responsive to their cues and respects their need for space.

Peggy has a unique front leg that appears to be wonky. It is believed they were damaged in an accident when she was younger, possibly a car accident. Our vets have advised that there is nothing they can do to fix the wonkiness but she walks absolutely fine on them. She would enjoy short walks and would adore a secure garden where she can roll in the grass and bask in the sunshine. We would suggest a joint supplement as she ages, which is a recommendation we extend to all dogs. She is ideal for someone who prefers short daily walks, as she doesn’t need the extensive hikes that are necessary for some dogs’ happiness.

Tested as normal for Brucella, Giardia and the 4DX test for tick borne diseases and passed with flying colours. Peggy is microchipped and spayed