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Location: Romania

German Shepherd Mix

Age: 5 Years

Dog Friendly? Yes

Cat Friendly? Yes

Child Friendly? Children over 12

Neutered? Yes

Rusty is a gorgeous dog with (we believe) some German Shephard in him. He definitely has the personality of a typical shepherd: Intelligent and loyal but with a hilarious goofy streak.

Rusty has been waiting nearly 2 years for a home of his own. He is so friendly with everyone he has met while with us and has shown himself to be a very well rounded dog who would suit most family dynamics. Rusty is turning 6 this year and as much as we love him, he deserves to be out of the kennels. Rusty is great with dogs he meets while out of the house and could happily share his home with another dog if introductions are done slowly. He can be seen in the video above getting on very well with smaller dogs.

Rusty is also cat-friendly, he just likes to give them a good sniff, he can be a bit clumsy with his big paws and cat tails but he could easily live with a feline housemate. He is a very gentle boy when he needs to be but can still be rambunctious when excited and due to this, plus his size, we would not recommend that he be rehomed with children under 12. He is a big lad and walks well on the lead but he will need consistency to make sure this continues with his new home.

It is time he had a home and some humans of his own. Previous experience with GSD’s or shepherd types is ideal but not necessary. Rusty is a very good boy who just wants to cuddle, he LOVES a good snuggle.

Tested as normal for Brucella, Giardia and the 4DX test for tick borne diseases and passed with flying colours.