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Small/Medium Mix Breed

Age: Less Than 1 Year

Dog Friendly? Yes

Cat Friendly? Yes

Child Friendly? Children over 5

Neutered? Yes

Our charming little fellow, Stanley, is in search of his forever home after his rescue from a kill shelter in Romania. Since his arrival, he has captured the hearts of our staff with his stunning curly fur and endearing little face. You might recall that when Stanley was first rescued, his name was Marv. Upon his arrival in the UK, we chose to rename him in honour of our dear friend Lesley Stanley, who sadly passed away earlier this year. We already have a bench dedicated to her in our kennels, but we felt it was fitting to also have a rescue dog bear her name.

At approximately 10 months old, he is still discovering the world. He’s a friendly, playful pup in need of a home that’s ready to invest time and effort into nurturing him into the confident, well-adjusted dog we envision he can become. At this stage, he’s a blank canvas in terms of training, yet he’s an eager learner who, with consistent training and guidance, will readily pick up tricks and positive behaviours. Since arriving at our Nottinghamshire kennels we have discovered he loves going for rides in the car, he travels very well and is always up for an adventure.

Stanley interacts very well with other dogs and could easily share a home with another dog. Ideally, this would provide him with a playmate while his owners are out. However, he would be equally content being the only pet, provided he receives ample socialization and attention from his owner. Since he is still young he could get used to being home alone for periods of time but this should always be done slowly so that he doesn’t get anxious.

Despite a challenging beginning, he’s turning out to be a wonderful dog who’s just looking for someone to believe in him. He hasn’t had much experience with kids, but with the opportunity to mingle, he’d likely adapt swiftly and become a fantastic friend for children. We have cat tested Stanley and he gets on well with them, he is happy to give them a gentle sniff then leave them be. He shows no prey drive at all so we would confidently rehome him with some feline company.

His distinctive curly coat will likely require regular grooming, which should be a gradual process of desensitization through consistent home grooming and careful, gradual introductions to a professional groomer when necessary.

Fully vaccinated for Rabies and Infections Diseases

4D tested for Brucellosis and tick borne diseases