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Upon successful reservation of a dog, you are required to fill out our adoption contract form.
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Contract for adopters

By signing this form the adopter accepts and adheres to the following agreement from the adoption date.
All adopted dogs must be fitted immediately with a suitable three-point fitted harness, martingale collar, slip lead and double lead. This is imperative as your new dog might be scared and may well try to escape from you. An ID tag containing your name, phone number and address is a legal requirement and should be ready to be fitted on the collar on arrival.*
The adopter will agree to keep the dog under supervision in the early days of settling in as this is an important time to integrate your dog into your family.*
Your dog should have a secure place of safety that is solely theirs, i.e. a suitable-sized crate possibly with a waterproof and indestructible bedding.*
Your dog should have access to fresh water at all times, kept outside of the crate.*
Toilet training is an important task from the start and the dog may require frequent visits to their toilet area outside possibly every two hours until such time a routine has been established. No puppy pads are to be used for toilet training.*
Under no circumstances should your dog be left unattended or unsupervised with young children, children must be aware that the dog may need time to adjust. (Some dogs have been previously chased by children.)*
Caution must be exercised when introducing your dog to existing dogs. This is important for the safety of both dogs. And should be done appropriately on neutral ground. after at least 3 days of being in the home - sometimes longer. An initial walk together with both dogs on leads may be appropriate.*
The adopter agrees that they will not let the dog off lead for at least 3 months and till such time assured recall can be reliable. Training classes are recommended to ensure full safety.*
Dogs must not be left off lead in a garden for the first few days until they become accustomed to the area and then only if the garden is totally secure. Long leads can be used.*
The dog should not be used for breeding or stud in the case of dogs not spayed or neutered. An agreed undertaking to arrange spay/neuter when appropriate will be discussed.*
The dog should never be left unattended in a garden or tied outside a building.*
Should the dog go missing or escape, all appropriate measures must be taken to retrieve the dog and the rescue needs to be informed immediately to assist in the search.*
The dog may arrive with a sensitive stomach due to the journey. Advice for feeding will be given by the rescue.*
The adopter must care for the full needs of the dog including grooming and nutritional care as this is such an important part of being a healthy dog, and advice can be sought from the rescue.*
Under no circumstances should the dog should be chained or restrained outside.*
The dog will not be used for any cruel activities, such as fighting, hunting or animal testing.*
The adopter agrees to comply with all current legislation in relation to the dog and will comply with The Dangerous Dogs Act, and indemnify Doggy Dens UK Rescue against any such claim relating to the said act.*
In the event of the loss of the dog either due to illness or accident, the adopter will immediately inform Doggy Dens UK Rescue.*
The adopter agrees that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will the dog be euthanised without contacting Doggy Dens UK Rescue. In the event of an emergency and you are unable to contact Doggy Dens UK Rescue a written account of events may be requested from the vet involved. We trust that these decisions will not be taken lightly.*
The adopter will agree to an authorised representative to visit if necessary if there are any concerns regarding the welfare of the dog.*
Please note that a professional trainer appointed by the rescue may sometimes be necessary after the adoption process to assist with certain behaviours. A change in a dog's environment may well bring a change of behaviour. As part of our adoption process, Doggy Dens UK Rescue will endeavour to support all adopters with their dogs. However, occasionally we may suggest that the adopters contact a professional trainer for further advice. We have attached to the rescue a trainer that can be available for our rescue dogs. This will be at an additional cost to the adopter and paid directly to the trainer.*

Please note:
All adoption fees exchanged prior to adoption are non-refundable.

If your dog that has been found to be rehomed, sold or given away, a prosecution case will be brought against the adopter.

If you request to return your dog after a period of 12 months, the rescue will ask for an appointed trainers report to assess the dog's behaviour. This will be at a cost to you.

You are also required to cover the cost of transporting the dog back to the rescue kennels.

Please be aware that the spaces for kennels are limited and an immediate space may not be available therefore you may need to accommodate your dog in the process of a return.

A vets history summary report will also be required to include vaccination status and a recent health check ensuring the dog is fit and healthy. Your dog is your responsibility in these matters after the adoption date. You will be asked to run the dog's insurance cover for a further two weeks while a further assessment is completed.

Please understand that we are a rescue charity funded on donations. We will aim to assist you where possible.

The adopter confirms that they have received the rescues adoption training pack and have read and understood and agree to follow all guidance provided in the training pack.

I have read and fully understand the above

I Understand*
Adopter Signature:

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