On-Site Facilities
Help and advice from our trainers is readily available and is something we strongly recommend you consider. You may need the help of a professional trainer and further classes.

Dogs do not come ready trained and we suggest you ensure you educate yourself in dog behaviour and training needs and understand that sometimes you may need to enlist the help of a professional.
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Dogaholics Caz


Caz from Dogaholics is a very experienced trainer that has worked closely with our rescue, she understands the mind set of a rescue dog and the importance of building a relationship. She has been a trainer for many years and will be able to visit within the first few weeks of arrival to get you started on the right path. She is based in Huthwaite, Nottinghamshire and will cover up to an hours radius to do a home assessment visit.

All training starts at home and to understand the importance of this is vital to training.

She will charge you a rate of £50 an hour and suggests a first visit of two hours to assess and discuss your dogs needs. She will show you training techniques that you will need to become the most valuable part of your dogs life and build your relationship up.

All dogs are different and dogs sometimes need different methods, as part of a professional trainer she will assess this and discuss with you accordingly, enabling you to have that perfect partnership with your dog.

Next Level Dog Training

This training dog “boot camp” is situated close to the kennels. This is residential training where you can give your dog a training vacation.

Next Level Dog Training provides the perfect environment for your dogs training and well being, specialising in reactivity behaviours, scent work and obedience. One-to-one classes are also on offer taking your dog to that next level training.

Both trainers have a vast amount of knowledge and experience, working within the dog training industry, both experienced in protection dog training, scent working and service dog training dedicated to empowering owners and dogs to enjoy their lives together.


Next Level Dog Training
harry origin dog training

Origin Dog Training

Origin Dog Training, run by Harry offers obedience dog training that include scent work, tracking & man trailing, detection work, agility and bitework. He also offers a recovery programme that is created specially for anxious, reactive or aggressive dogs. He has a wealth of experience as a qualified dog trainer, police dog handler and Canine First Aid Instructor. We have collaborated with Origin Dog Training for dogs adopted to Jersey.

Rex Pet Hotel

We as a rescue are extremely lucky to be part of Rex Pet Hotel, Five Star Boarding for all dogs.

Situated in the countryside, securely surrounded. Rex Pet Hotel is a small family-run kennels that opened in 2012.

They provide pets with a caring, happy, safe and clean environment during their stay.

A fully insured and licensed facility awarded with a five-star rating. Visits to the kennels are welcome without an appointment between the hours of 10 am and 3pm 7 days a week.

Also located at the kennels is a fabulous grooming salon, offering full grooming, bathing and coat care, nail trimming, ear cleaning and now a teeth cleaning treatment.

Rex Pet Hotel
Rex Pet Hotel
Rex Pet Hotel
Rex Pet Hotel