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We are a newly registered charity situated in Nottinghamshire. We rescue and re-home dogs from the UK, Macedonia and Romania.

We have purpose built rescue kennels in Cuckney, Nottinghamshire, where we house our dogs during their rehabilitation and aim to re-home to loving new owners across the UK.

Doggy Dens UK Rescue became a registered charity in May 2023 and is built with three trustees all experienced in dog rescue.

We hope that together, we can make a difference. We welcome you to join us in our mission to support and rehome as many dogs as possible.


Discover what it takes to adopt a rescue dog and learn more about our process.


Arrange a consultation with us, meet our dogs and decide if adoption is right for you.


Choose your dog, arrange a home visit and complete our adoption application form.
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Changing lifes

Our Objectives

We hope that together we can make a difference and change the lives of as many dogs as we can.


We prioritise and focus on the well-being of dogs in the UK, Macedonia, and Romania, offering them compassionate care and attention. Our dedicated team ensures that these dogs receive the love and nurturing they need, regardless of their circumstances.


Our mission is to protect dogs who have faced mistreatment, abandonment, or ill usage. Through our dedicated advocacy and action, we provide a shield against cruelty and neglect, ensuring that these dogs can lead safe and dignified lives.


We provide top-notch treatment to dogs in need. Our veterinarians and caregivers work tirelessly to provide essential medical care, rehabilitation, and emotional support, helping these dogs recover from past trauma and regain their health.


Safe shelter is a fundamental right for every dog in need. We provide secure and comfortable environments where rescued dogs can find refuge from their past hardships. Our shelters offer a place where they can heal, both physically and emotionally.


Ensuring the security of vulnerable dogs is our utmost priority. We work diligently to create a sense of safety for these animals, protecting them from further harm and abuse. Our commitment is to provide them with a secure and stable future.


Finding permanent homes for our dogs is our ultimate goal. We actively search for families who can provide a home where these dogs can thrive. By promoting understanding of dog welfare and offering training support, we ensure successful adoptions.


Threads of Compassion

Wear Your Love
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Happy dogs

Success Stories

Discover the heartwarming stories of those who've welcomed adopted dogs into their lives. These tales celebrate the profound impact these furry companions have had on their human heroes.
Biscuit Boo


Going to see a Cockapoo called Biscuit, 7 years old who was rescued by Doggy Dens after her
previous owners were going to have her PTS due to behavioural issues, namely resource guarding.

Me “But she is so cute, how could they?” Also me “What even is resource guarding can’t be that bad…?”