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Monday before the adoption
Going to see a Cockapoo called Biscuit, 7 years old who was rescued by Doggy Dens after her
previous owners were going to have her PTS due to behavioural issues, namely resource guarding.
Me “But she is so cute, how could they?” Also me “What even is resource guarding can’t be that

Off myself and my teenage daughters went, the visit went well. Denise and her team told us exactly
what Biscuit would need in a home. My girls were super keen, me I thought she was cute but it was a
huge responsibility. Never had a dog before, wouldn’t even call myself a dog person (pre Biscuit!)
BUT I loved the idea of having a companion on my daily walks and life. Lots to think about as Biscuit
had been rehomed and brought back within 24 hrs and I was aware that this must have been
traumatic for her…Could I commit to this dog entering her senior years?

Friday – Bringing her home
After much deliberating we decided that we were up or the challenge. Couldn’t tell you what it was
but I felt like she belonged with us. We followed the advice to a T. Crate, hand feed, no sofa access
etc. Even when Biscuit tried to pull the wool over our eyes (and she tried) we stuck to the
advice…She pretended she hadn’t even seen a crate before and acted confused…My daughter said
“We have to do what they said mum”. She now goes in and out herself when she needs chill time,
we don’t even close the door now.

2 weeks in
We had a trainer coming as we had never had a dog and Denise recommended Caz to do some
education. By this point I thought do we even need it? She was a breeze, this dog was a dream. AND
then her first guarding episode happened!! Not from the sofa, her food bowl but space! We simply
walked past her bed and she switched. For a little cute dog she was intimidating. We were all
shocked, and I realised this was no joke. You could not get near her. I ended up leaving her in the
living room that night and could not sleep. I was thinking was this too much? She had bitten my
daughter and we were all upset. Although despite this bringing her back to Doggy Dens was never a
real option. I was in this for the long haul, going to try our best. Something had happened to her in
the past but she couldn’t tell us other than in this way. And to be fair I had wanted to return my
daughters at points during the early days! Wanting to and really doing it are 2 very different things. I
think it is normal in the hard moments. But they were just moments, she was a loving dog mainly. So
we awaited Caz’s intervention.

Training day
Had a great day! 2 hours of Caz’s knowledge, training me rather than the dog and in all fairness
Biscuit had it all in there, ready to go. Consistency was the key. I learnt what handfeeding really was
(And not what I had been doing, I was feeding her like she was in a spa being fed grapes! Oh how she
must have been laughing at me), command, marker words and, most importantly, to have fun whilst
doing it. We all got involved as a family, so she knows no matter what this is how we all live together
in harmony.

We have had a few guarding episodes, but now we are more comfortable (Not scared) when she
does it. She comes out of it very quickly. She probably has one a month. She is the most loving dog

and can’t remember not having her. We enjoy walks, coffee shops, meeting new people (not so
much other dogs) and her main hobby is snuggling next to her humans. She is now on the sofa and
gets off on command. Her next aim I think is to sleep in bed at night with mum or sisters but this is
not happening (just yet). As much as we all would love it!

Advice for new adopters
Expect to have wobbles, thinking shall I take them back etc…and then rest on it! Normalise
these emotions, it happens to most of us, it doesn’t mean they are facts
Get a recommended trainer, no matter how many dogs you have or haven’t had. Just one
session can really improve your relationship. You are all in it to live your best life so give
yourself the best chance
Research what issues your dog may come with or ask questions to Denise and the team.
Resource guarding is no joke and I definitely underestimated it. But most things can be
resolved or managed with the right trainer and dog owner attitude.

Have fun!

Queen B is living her best life. One minute you are being sent to the vets, the next you have met your
family. Never give up! Biscuit never and neither did we on her. 5 months on and we couldn’t love her
any more than we do!

Currently on her way to the groomers ready for her Birthday Party on Monday
when she turns the big 8!