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We’d been looking for a 2nd dog to go with our first rescue Mable. I saw a dog on the site that I came across on Facebook but unfortunately, our youngest was 11 at the time so was too young for the one we wanted. I explained to Denise that I was a bit hesitant as Mable can be a bit reactive but that we had a trainer helping us with this. She then suggested Mickey as felt he was a calm, friendly dog and offered for us to come up and visit.

We were due up on the 5th March but she said why don’t we come up on the 20th Feb instead, both my partner and I had the day off and my daughter had an inset day so we decided the night before we’d make the 3 1/2 hour drive up with our dog Mable. Thankfully the dogs both weren’t bothered by each other and we all fell head over heels with Mickey. My daughter then asked when we could get him. Denise said as we’d driven such a long way, we could take him that same day…..so we did! We were completely unprepared but it was the best decision ever! We listened to Denise’s advice to take it very very slowly, remove all toys/bones and not to do too much, the first few days and weeks.

After a week and a half, our other dog Mable kept pawing at the crate for Mickey to come and play! We now have two settled dogs who are best buddies and Mickey has become embedded completely into our hearts 💕and is a very much loved member of our family.

Thank you so much to Denise, she has the most incredible gift of choosing the right dog for your family and has invaluable knowledge of how to introduce a new dog into the household. I would not hesitate to recommend Denise and her team if you are thinking of adopting a rescue, she’ll find the right dog for you.