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Medium Mix Breed

Age: Less Than 1 Year

Dog Friendly? Yes

Cat Friendly? Not tested

Child Friendly? Children over 3

Neutered? No

Cleo, a beautiful four-month-old hound mix, is in search of her forever home. She’s a strikingly beautiful pup with a radiant red coat and distinctive white patches on her chest and muzzle. These white markings distinguish her from her sisters, Pippa and Maggie, who were all rescued at the same time.

Their story began tragically, discovered on the side of a busy road, cuddled together beside their mother who had, unfortunately, passed away, likely struck by a car. They were spotted by a couple who were visiting Macedonia and could not stand by and do nothing, so they contacted us. We promptly brought them to our experienced veterinary team, who observed their skin conditions, compromised immune systems, and frail stature. It’s unclear how long they had been alone, but rescuing them was undoubtedly the right choice.

With a bit of tender loving care, all three girls are flourishing. Just a month in our care, and they’re in excellent health. Their fur has grown in beautifully, showcasing a silky short coat that’s a delight to stroke and the most endearing, oversized ears. Their bloodwork is clear, and their spirits are high—they’re all set to find their forever homes.

She’s an endearing girl with a warm disposition, perfect for a family companion. As she’s still filling out, we expect her to be of medium stature at maturity. We’re dedicated to her socialization at this tender age, ensuring she mingles with other dogs and children to prepare her for all life’s adventures. Although she hasn’t been introduced to cats just yet, we’re open to organizing a meet-up for potential adopters.

Being that she is still very young, Cleo will need a home who is willing to put the work in and help her grow into the loving well-rounded dog she is destined to be. She is a bright girl and should pick up tricks and good behaviours quickly with the right training. We cannot wait to see these girls head off to their forever families and are keeping our fingers crossed that we have an application come through for Cleo soon.

Cleo has not yet been spayed due to her young age but she will be booked in for the operation prior to being adopted.

Fully vaccinated for Rabies and Infections Diseases

4D tested for Brucellosis and tick borne diseases