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When I lost my husband in 2018 then my beloved rescue Labrador in 2019, I was heart broken. After a while I decided that it was too lonely living on my own so I set about finding another rescue. I tried all the English ones first only to be told I was too old. I saw Doggydens rescue on Facebook. I filled in an application form and was accepted. I did a video for them of my garden and ground floor. I was pleased when I past all the criteria. I was then asked about what I was ideally looking for. I mentioned that I had two very young grandchildren who visited everyday as they lived nearby. Denise told me that she had a Labrador that would fit the bill as she was very laid back. I was shown a video of her and she looked ideal, so I said that I would like to adopt her, her name was to be Jess. She was three years old and had been living in a gypsy camp, and the people didn’t want her anymore. Majika in North Macedonia rescued her. She ultimately came over to England on the Happy Bus. When she arrived complete with passport, I collected her from some kennels in Surrey near to where I live. She was very unsure to start with, never wagged her tail and didn’t know what toys were. Now she is the most marvellous companion and brilliant with the grandchildren, thoroughly honest and trustworthy. She was exactly the right choice that Denise matched me with. She goes out of her way to find the right dog for the right owner. She is always on the end of the phone if you need help and advice, nothing is too much trouble. They are a first class rescue and are very reliable.