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Retriever Mix (will be large when fully grown)

Age: 4 Months (as of April 2024)

Dog Friendly? Yes

Cat Friendly? Yes

Child Friendly? Yes

Neutered? No

Little Lady Layla, an absolutely beautiful retriever mix, is capturing the hearts of everyone at the shelter. She’s an adorable blonde fluff-ball with a wonderful attitude and a loving nature. Her soft, floppy ears and infectious smile make her a fantastic candidate for anyone looking for a new best friend.

She and her mother were discovered sitting outside their former owner’s home, who had decided not to let them back in. They were no longer wanted because Layla’s mother was too large, and Layla was expected to grow to a similar size. Facing life on the streets, we couldn’t just watch this happen. So, we welcomed both mother and pup into our care, hoping to find them homes that will cherish them as the big gentle giants they truly are.

Layla is a joyful, spirited pup who would flourish in a loving home. She’s fantastic with other dogs, taking every chance to frolic and befriend them in the kennels. While she hasn’t been tested with cats, she’s open to it if the right application comes along.

Layla’s affectionate nature makes her a great fit for a family with kids, but given her potential for large size, a home with children over “knock-down” age is advisable. We would love to see her rehomed with a resident dog so that she has someone to play with during the day while her owners are out of the house but she would be just as happy in a home as the sole dog as long as she gets plenty of attention.

Layla, still a puppy, is a blank canvas in terms of training, yet she’s already proving to be a bright spark. With the right amount of consistency and routine, she’s bound to excel. We’re on the lookout for a home that’s prepared to embrace the commitment that comes with welcoming a new puppy into their lives.

Fully vaccinated for Rabies and Infections Diseases

4D tested for Brucellosis and tick borne diseases

Layla is Microchipped but has not been spayed yet due to her age. A spay operation will be included as part of her adoption contract.