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Pug X Frenchie

Age: 3 Years Old

Dog Friendly? Ideally only dog in home

Cat Friendly? No

Child Friendly? No, possibly older teenagers.

Neutered? Yes

Luna is a simply lovely little girl who is on the look for a home who can meet her needs. She is a Pug/French Bulldog Mix, a Frug. Sporting the compact frame of a pug but with the slightly longer snout of the Frenchie. She embodies both breeds traits being very playful and affectionate with her carers.

At three years old, Luna had been with her previous family since she was a puppy. She was a very well loved pet. However, they were unable to find the right trainer in time, and she became overwhelmed with the busy environment and resulted in unwanted behaviours. They tried a trainer who implemented methods that resulted in Luna’s confidence plummeting. Fortunately, when she was surrendered to us, we immediately sent her to our trainer, who started the process of restoring Luna’s confidence.

Now that she has started on the path to success, Luna is seeking a quiet home without children. She could potentially share her home with another well-behaved dog but would be much happier as the sole pet, she likes having all the attention on her.

We continue to use training to bolster her confidence, and she is now walking with other dogs appropriately. It is essential that her future home continues this training to sustain her progress. We are happy to schedule a meeting with our trainer and offer ongoing support.

Luna’s personality is that of a Velcro Dog; she forms strong attachments quickly and would make an excellent companion for someone who works part-time or from home. She is a very clever girl and would love to learn more tricks, especially if that means getting some yummy treats. She enjoys her daily walks and adores receiving affection from her caregivers. She settles down nicely in the evenings and is reaping the benefits of crate training. Having her own tranquil corner to retreat to has proven to be an invaluable tool for her. With her expressive face and gentle nature, she has completely won over everyone at the kennels.

We have a full vet record of Luna from her previous owners, she is a very healthy girl.

Microchipped & Spayed