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Medium Mix Breed

Age: 1 Years

Dog Friendly? Yes

Cat Friendly? Not Tested

Child Friendly? Children over 12

Neutered? Yes

Shannon, our delightful rescue pup, is still searching for her forever home. She’s a real head-turner with her gorgeous brindle coat and a distinctive white stripe that runs from her chin down to her belly. Her constant grin is infectious, and you can’t help but grin right back at her.

Shannon was a lucky find for us. While conducting a search at the local rubbish dump, she emerged, her tiny head peeking out from a hole in the ground. Upon closer inspection, we realized it wasn’t just a hole in the earth but rather a gap in a compressed mound of rubbish. She and her siblings were huddled inside. Survival in the dump was impossible for them, so we brought them to the kennels, hoping to secure loving, permanent homes for each one.

At a charming medium size and only a year old, she may still have a bit of growing left. She’s a lively girl, her happiest moments are when she’s frolicking in the garden or receiving cuddles from her human companions. After 8 months with us, it’s a mystery why she hasn’t found a forever home yet. With her friendly and outgoing personality, she’s the perfect addition to almost any family.

Shannon excels in the company of other dogs, enjoying playtime with canines of every age and size. Currently, she shares her kennel with two other dogs, and they coexist happily. However, a kennel is no match for a loving home. We hope for Shannon to find a forever home with a companion to keep her company while her owners are out. While she can manage as an only dog, provided she receives ample quality time with her owner, she would relish the opportunity to be part of a walking group or to have regular doggy playdates, allowing her to frolic with other dogs and lead a sociable life.

Since she is a young dog, she will require training. Consistency is crucial, and Shannon’s intelligence will likely make the process straightforward. She has never lived in a home before, so it would be wise for her new owner to introduce her gradually. However, she is expected to adapt to the home routine quite smoothly.

She tends to get quite lively when excited, so we suggest that any kids in the household should be older than 12. However, we might consider families with younger children if they’re experienced with large dogs and are dedicated to continuous training. Currently, Shannon hasn’t been tested with cats, but we’re open to doing so for the right application.

Fully vaccinated for Rabies and Infections Diseases

4D tested for Brucellosis and tick borne diseases

Microchipped and Spayed