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His name hadn’t always been Toby, found in Macedonia, dumped outside the public shelter in 2022 he was named Garbage because he was found exactly in the garbage. It looked like he’d led a life on a chain and had some serious damage to his neck from a chain that had become infected. Left to die in the garbage he was found and taken straight to the vets for immediate treatment. 

He was then returned to the public shelter to await his plight, along came Denise , her first visit to Macedonia and wanting to visit the public shelter she asked to have him out for a play. 

He was in luck , and as he had a ball drive, sufficiently enough to save him and was brought over to the UK in the hope that he maybe placed into service work alongside another 4 dogs.

He was good on a ball drive but not sufficiently driven to go forward, preferring to play. He was funny and got distracted very easily preferring kisses and cuddles to actually doing some work. 

But it was this that secured him a fabulous home with his new Dad , who absolutely adores him, he goes everywhere with his Dad and just loves his caravanning holidays. His life has turned around completely and he’s never looked back to his traumatic days. Together we can change lives, that’s for sure. 

Was Garbage , now Toby … living his best life