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Medium/Large Lab Mix

Age: 1.5 Years

Dog Friendly? Ideally only dog in home

Cat Friendly? Not Tested

Child Friendly? Older Teenagers

Neutered? Will be spayed prior to adoption

Cleo, a stunning blonde bombshell, is looking for a home where she can strut her stuff and enjoy all the luxuries of a home, long walks, rolling in the grass, chasing tennis balls and receiving all the belly rubs. She’s a real head-turner with her gleaming white blonde coat that stays sleek and smooth with just a bit of brushing, those gorgeous dark eyes, and the adorable fluffy tail that perks up as soon as she sees you, wagging non-stop.

Originally rescued as a puppy from a rubbish dump in Macedonia along with her eight siblings, Cleo now longs to be the focal point in a home where she has the space to stretch her legs and play. She spent almost a year in a home but was returned due to her struggling with the bustling environment; the numerous children, resident dogs, and high noise levels caused her stress and made it difficult for her to adjust. She is now flourishing in the more tranquil environment of our kennels.

A lady with long legs and an agile build, she cherishes her daily sprints across our secure field. We hope to find her a home with an enclosed garden where she can let loose. Her high energy and intelligence mean she would excel with one-to-one training and engagement. Young and brimming with potential, Cleo would make an excellent agility dog and has already mastered the basic commands, eagerly offering her paw for a delicious treat. She is very food motivated but also loves her toys, an old football is perfect for her to play fetch and tug-of-war with, this is a great way to get some of her excess energy out before a walk.

Cleo tends to get excited at the start of her walks, probably because she is thrilled to be out and about. As she gets used to her new home routine, walks will become a regular part of her day, helping her stay calm and composed. After she calms down, she’s great on a walk, using a harness and slip lead. She’s content to ignore other dogs, interacts nicely when it’s called for, but much prefers her personal space. Because of this, we believe she would do best as the only dog in a household. Trust us, she has plenty of love to share!

She’s adored by her caregivers and has many amusing quirks that always keep us amused. If she thinks you’re not giving her the attention she deserves, she’ll nudge your hands with her paw until she’s content. Sometimes, after a bout of zoomies, her floppy ears can’t quite figure out where they want to be, leaving her with one ear down and the other hilariously flipped up.

Cleo thrives on a raw food diet, which has been fantastic for her health and keeping her in great shape. We hope her new family will continue this diet. If you think she looks a lot like Little Fred, another one of our dogs, you’re right—they’re littermates! Their similar cheerful dispositions are just one of the many traits they share.

She has tested negative for brucellosis, leishmaniasis and has passed her Snap 4D test which tests for heartworm, ehrlichia and anaplasma. A healthy, happy girl.

Cleo is not currently spayed because of her young age, part of her adoption contract will include spaying when she is of the right age.