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Labrador Mix

3 Years Old

Dog Friendly? Yes, after slow introductions.

Cat Friendly? No

Child Friendly? No

Neutered? Yes

Freddie is a very friendly young boy who is in need of an experienced owner who is familiar with larger breeds.

Freddie is very intelligent and loved a good run around the garden with his toy. He can be a bit boisterous when he is excited and due to his large size we would not rehome him with children, older teenagers will be considered especially if they are dog savvy. He would suit an active family who can handle his bursts of energy. But at the end of the day, Freddie loves a snuggle just as much as any dog. He loves a chill out in our caravan and likes to learn against you so you can pop an arm round and watch TV together.

Freddie is a Leishmaniasis positive dog. Leishmaniasis is a parasitic disease caused by infection with Leishmania parasites. These parasites are spread through the bite of infected sand flies. It is likely that he caught is when he was rescued from Macedonia. He has been treated with Milteforan and remains on Allopurinol (which we will provide, by us to her owner, for the rest of her life) which is just a daily tablet and yearly blood tests. He can run and play the same as any other dog and will live a long, happy life with his forever family. It is a shame that the stigma of a disease has prevented him from being rehomed as he is such a lovely character. Leish is NOT contagious.

Freddie settles well in the evening, even better when he has a chew to keep him occupied. He has such a wonderful personality with a charming silly streak, he will need time to settle into a new environment but will soon let his true character shine through.

Ideally, Freddie would need a home where he is the only dog, however there is the potential for him to share a home with another dog following a successful meet and slow introductions. We would not rehome him with cats or small animals.

He could walk for miles and miles and loves to have a good sniff around, however he can be strong on the lead at times. We have found that he walks beautifully when using a Halti.

He has had no lasting effects following treatment and is perfectly healthy. He will live a long and happy life with his future adopters.