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First of all there is Medo … the boy that made me ask why he didn’t bark in his kennel at Rescue? The boy that started it all of for me. I had never even heard of resource guarding but he sure taught me in the first few weeks. Very slowly he changed into the dog that he is today, a hoarder of toys that will share absolutely anything with anyone. Secondly, Little Baloo. The dog that was “only staying for 3 weeks!” He is quirky, has little man syndrome, thinks he can fight the world yet is so very, very loving. Then there is Seb, the dog that made me truly understand the horrors and awful lives that all these amazing rescues could potentially end up living. He is one of the lucky ones. Going to North Macedonia to get Seb with the Rescue was probably one of the hardest things I have ever done, would i do it all again? In a heartbeat. There are so many that need the help that my lucky 3 boys and I will strive to help as much as we can, this is what my 3 boys have taught me to do.