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With Help from Denise and Jade from Doggy Dens UK Rescue we adopted Teddy and Dora(Tina) in October 2023 from Pawpers in the Ruff. We filled in an application form, sent them a short video of where we lived and our home situation, Denise and Marija from Pawpers matched us up with Teddy and Dora, we had a group faced time to meet our dogs and then all we had to do was wait for the happy bus to arrive from Macedonia. Our dogs have settled in really well, we haven’t had any real issues apart from a bit of obedience training but Doggy Dens are always on hand to offer us support and advice. We’ve always bought puppies from breeders in the past but we don’t regret for one second rehoming our two rescues, they are beautiful little souls, we would definitely do it again and would recommend to anyone thinking of getting a new dog to contact Denise and Jade.