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Location: Romania

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Medium Mix Breed

Age: 4 Years

Dog Friendly? Yes.

Cat Friendly? Not Tested

Child Friendly? Older Teenagers

Neutered? Yes

Mr Darcy is a lovely dog who is keeping an eye out for a home who could give him a bit of patience and understanding. He is a handsome boy with warm brown eyes and a soft wavy black coat that shines in the sun and gives him a distinguished look. Like his namesake, Mr. Darcy may appear shy and reserved at first, but beneath that exterior lies a loving and devoted dog eager for love.

Rescued from a kill shelter in Romania, his forlorn and pitiful appearance only strengthened his rescuer’s resolve to see him smile once more. Gradually, he is making progress. As trust forms, he reveals himself to be an affectionate companion who relishes being close to you.

Given that he was discovered in a shelter, his history is largely unknown. However, his comfort around people and his seeking of attention suggest that he may have been a family pet before being abandoned for reasons that remain unclear. He is ok wearing a collar and lead, but will require some training and support to learn to walk properly. Mr Darcy gets on well with other dogs and would likely benefit from having another dog in the home so that he has someone to show him the ropes. He would be equally happy as the only dog in the home, but we would still like him to have regular interactions with dogs so a walking group or doggy playdates would be fantastic. If he is to be homed as the only dog his owner would ideally work part-time or from home so that he isn’t left on his own all day. He could gradually build up to being left for longer but this should be done gradually to avoid him becoming anxious.

Mr. Darcy is best suited for a peaceful and serene home, away from the energy of young children. He may be able to coexist with older teenagers who understand the importance of giving him his own space. Crate training could be beneficial for Mr. Darcy, providing him with a personal area within the home akin to a small bedroom, where he can relax and have some privacy when things get too lively.

Mr Darcy is one of many dogs who are looking for homes, his shyness does work against him on occasion but we are hoping that someone will see his potential and give him a chance to be the loving, trusting affectionate dog that he is within.

Tested as normal for Brucella, Giardia and the 4DX test for tick borne diseases and passed with flying colours. Mr Darcy is a very healthy boy, now all he needs is a home.