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Labrador Mix

Age: 2 Years

Dog Friendly? Yes

Cat Friendly? No

Child Friendly? Children over 10

Neutered? Yes

Are you in search of a cheerful, life-loving companion? Someone to share in your adventures and stand by you come what may? Meet Neo, the Labrador mix whose strawberry blond fur, soulful eyes, and captivating smile are sure to steal your heart. He’s eager to find a forever home where he can show that patience truly is rewarded with the best things in life.

Neo’s tale is a sombre one. Once a cherished family pet, he found stability and love in his home before abruptly being left at a public shelter. These shelters often struggle with limited space and resources, and after Neo was neutered, he faced the harsh reality of life on the streets. While some dogs eventually adjust to life on the streets, learning to fend for themselves and forage for food, Neo did not. He roamed aimlessly, appearing lost, attempting to navigate his way home, yet unable to orient himself in unfamiliar surroundings.

Since Neo has settled into his temporary home with us, he’s flourished with the affection and care from our kennel team. He’s shown himself to be an incredibly friendly pup, always eager for a fuss or cuddle from anyone ready to offer him some love. He is very social and would thrive in an active family so that he can be out and about. An enclosed garden is a must so that he can run around, chase his ball and sunbathe in the summer.

He enjoys going out for walks but can be a bit bouncy when he’s excited. When he settles into the routine of home life he will likely see walks as a nice part of his daily schedule rather than a reason to lose his composure. Due to this excitement, we feel that he might be a bit much for younger children. Any children in the home should be over 10 years old, ideally with some experience of having dogs in the home.

Neo get’s on very well with other dogs and could happily share his home with one, as long as they share his enthusiasm for play. He might be overwhelming for an older dog because of his playful, bouncy nature. He would be just as happy being the only dog as long as he receives attention from his owner. A few toys or long-lasting chew treats would be a great way to keep him entertained while home alone. He is a very intelligent dog and would love to learn more tricks, especially if that means he can get some yummy treats!

Cats are quite the conundrum for Neo; he’s never shown any aggression towards them. On the contrary, he appears to be quite frightened of them. Perhaps he sees them as an odd, unsociable breed of dog and prefers to steer clear of them.

Neo is a wonderful fellow who has so much potential, a lovely character who would be a fantastic match for many homes.

Fully vaccinated for Rabies and Infections Diseases

4D tested for Brucellosis and tick borne diseases