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Medium Mix Breed

Age: Less than 1 Year

Dog Friendly? Yes

Cat Friendly? No

Child Friendly? Children over 7

Neutered? Yes

Our beautiful flower, Fleur has bloomed from a scared puppy into a happy-go-lucky dog who has a zest for life and a positive outlook. She is a real beauty with her long brindle coat with a distinctive white patch on her chest that gives her a unique look. Her warm brown eyes seem to have the power to coax the treats from anyone’s pocket.

Unfortunately, she did not have the best start in life. She was discovered with her littermates alongside her mother as a tiny puppy in a small kennel box by the roadside. It was found that Fleur’s mother had other puppies, but they had wandered away from the safety of their makeshift home and were hit by passing cars. We took in the mother and pups to our kennels to nurse them back to full health and ultimately find them loving, permanent homes. Fleur was raised by her mother in our kennels until she reached the age of independence.

Now at 10 months old and away from Mum, Fleur has befriended many dogs and people. She thrives on human interaction, adores being fussed over, and is always ready to shower you with kisses. She enjoys playing with other dogs too; currently, she shares a kennel with a dog of a similar age, and they delight in playing and creating mischief together. However, she can be a bit much for older dogs who may lack the patience for her antics. Additionally, her enthusiasm is a bit overwhelming for the kennel cats, who now tend to steer clear of her.

In a domestic environment, Fleur will require consistent training to thrive. Having spent her entire life in kennels, a home environment will be a thrilling new journey for her, but it will also bring an adjustment period during which she must learn the routines and appropriate behaviours for a household. Fortunately, Fleur is highly food-motivated and intelligent, which should facilitate her training; she is expected to quickly grasp cues and adapt well with some time. Having another dog in the home, particularly one close in age with a strong desire to play, would likely be advantageous for her, providing both companionship and guidance. She may be a bit much for an older calmer dog and would not be able to live with cats. While Fleur could certainly fare well as an only pet, we would be delighted to see her join a walking group or engage in playdates with other dogs, allowing her to socialize and interact with fellow canines.

In the evenings, she settles in nicely and would thrive with some crate training to provide her with a personal space to unwind. She has asked for a home with a grassy garden where she can frolic and play with her toys. Fleur is open to living with children, but as she is still in her puppy phase, she exhibits typical puppy behaviours. Therefore, it is recommended that any children in the home be older than 7 and have prior experience with dogs. Fleur is still maturing, but she is expected to be a medium-sized dog – not overly large or small, but just the right size.

Fleur is such a special girl who truly just wants to give love and receive it in return. She is an absolute star in the kennels and we have all become very attached to her, finding a forever home for her would fill us with joy.

Fully vaccinated for Rabies and Infections Diseases

4D tested for Brucellosis and tick borne diseases