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Large Retriever Mix

5/6 Years old

Dog Friendly? Socially neutral on walks but needs to be the only dog in the home.

Cat Friendly? No

Child Friendly? No

Neutered? Yes

Here he is again, Ralph is back with us and is looking for a new home after his last adopters had to return him.

Ralph is a big strong boy and will need his new home to be experienced with rescue dogs and large breeds. He would need to be the only animal in the home but he is socially neutral on walks and has even had playdates with selected dogs. As always, introductions should be slow and steady.

He cannot be rehomed with children, cats or small animals.

Ralph was initially rescued from a shelter in Macedonia, where he was found to be severely malnourished and in poor health. He is now on the heavier side and is following a healthy raw food diet to lose the extra weight. Ralph enjoys playing with his football, so a home that can provide plenty of activity would be perfect for him to get enough exercise. He loves a game of tug with his rope and would benefit from puzzle games for mental engagement. At night, Ralph settles into his crate, which serves as his personal space where he can relax quietly.

We are also currently hand feeding Ralph to gain more engagement for training and trust building. He will need further training but he is listening well and is fully toilet trained and picking up basic commands well. Ralph needs to be fed separately and can be snappy when it comes to food so his new owners will need to be aware of this and have boundaries in place to help with this.

His potential owners will need to be fully committed and have a routine in place to that Ralph can flourish into the amazing dog we know he is. We are happy to set up appointments with our trainer if necessary.

He has tested negative for brucellosis, leishmaniasis and has passed his Snap 4D test which tests for heartworm, ehrlichia and anaplasma. He is a good boy at heart who just needs the right home.