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Medium Mix Breed

Age: Less than 1 Year

Dog Friendly? Yes

Cat Friendly? Yes

Child Friendly? Children over 8

Neutered? Yes

Arnie is an energetic young puppy searching for a home where he can flourish into the affectionate family pet we believe he’s destined to be. He’s a striking ginger boy with a bright white patch on his chest. Presently, he has a medium build, but at approximately 8 months old, he might still have some growing left…

Luck was certainly with Arnie when we visited the rubbish dump to feed the feral dogs living there. The intense heat, coupled with the mounds of rubbish, rotting food, and dirty nappies, created a dismal backdrop. However, we were greeted by a small head peeking out from a rubbish heap, looking for food. The dog’s friendly demeanour and constantly wagging tail suggested that he might have been a family pet abandoned at the site. Covered in ticks, we promptly took him to our vet for removal and a health check. Remarkably, he was in good condition, leading us to suspect he had been left there that very morning by his previous owner.

Arnie is now safe and sound in our veterinary kennels, healthy and flourishing. His gratitude for being rescued is evident; he’s always delighted to meet new people, keen to give kisses, and eager to receive affection. He flourishes with human interaction and aims to please. He interacts wonderfully with the other dogs at the kennels, enjoying his time running around and frolicking in the grass. He would be happy to share a home with another dog to have a playmate when his owners are out, ideally a dog of a similar age or who shares his enthusiasm for play, his exuberance might be a bit much for an older, calmer dog. Equally, he’d be content as the sole dog, provided he has opportunities to interact with other dogs during walks or at playdates. He accepts a lead well and walks nicely after the initial excitement wears off, a bit of lead training would go a long way with this boy.

Arnie doesn’t mind cats; he’s much more interested in receiving cuddles from his human companions. While his excitable nature may be overwhelming for cats that enjoy solitude, his youth and willingness to learn suggest that he could be trained easily to understand that some cats value their personal space.

We’re relishing the chance to train Arnie, and his keenness to please suggests he’d excel in obedience training with some personalized guidance. A consistent routine will be key to Arnie’s development into a well-adjusted dog, so we’re on the lookout for an owner ready to invest the necessary effort. With his springy legs, Arnie could shine in agility courses, and he’d love a home with a secure garden where he can indulge in games of fetch, frolic in the grass, and bask in the summer sun.

Arnie is set to become the cherished companion of any child he encounters. We would happily rehome him with children over the age of 8 and might consider younger ones if they have prior experience with young dogs. Although he tends to be jumpy, proper training is likely to temper this behaviour.

Arnie’s got luck in spades, and we’re crossing our fingers he has saved just enough of that charm to land himself the ideal home.

Fully vaccinated for Rabies and Infections Diseases

4D tested for Brucellosis and tick borne diseases