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Medium Mix Breed

Age: 5 Years

Dog Friendly? Only Dog in Home

Cat Friendly? Not Cat Tested

Child Friendly? Likes Children

Neutered? Yes

Menda is a charmingly large lady with beautiful coloring and shepherd-like markings. Though she’s quite sizable, her sweetness is undeniable. She’s the epitome of a gentle giant.

Menda has been in our care for a long time now, she has charmed us all at the kennels. She is a really loving girl, with soulful eyes that have melted our hearts. This girl is never going back to the streets where she was found, but we would love to have her in a home instead of kennels.

Menda’s most endearing quality is her gentle temperament with children. Despite her large, fluffy stature, she remains calm and composed, never prone to jumping. She interacts wonderfully with kids of all ages and would be happiest snuggled on the sofa or a warm spot on the floor, receiving endless love. A true lover of human companionship, Menda relishes being cuddled and would gladly spend the whole day in someone’s arms if she could.

She can be a bit picky with other dogs in the home. She is socially neutral on walks, which is ideal. She currently shares a kennel with a male dog so she could potentially live with another male dog, as always introductions should be slow and steady to ensure a positive association. Menda has not been tested with cats yet but she is very gentle to we would be happy to cat test her for a prospective owner.

Experience with larger dogs would be an advantage but is not strictly necessary because of her sweet nature. We love Menda to pieces but she really does deserve to be part of a family in a loving home.

Fully vaccinated for Rabies and Infections Diseases

4D tested for Brucellosis and tick borne diseases

Microchipped & Spayed